Lilly Pulitzer Stuffed Animals

Lilly Pulitzer Stuffed Animals

Nalu Embroidery

Nalu Embroidery Watercolor PaintsDMC ThreadAnimated in Adobe After Effects Stitches Used:Back StitchWhipped Back StitchSatin StitchFrench KnotsPistol StitchSeed Stitch

Baby It’s Cold Embroidery

Baby It’s Cold Outside Embroidery Gray Felt FabricDMC ThreadStitch Used: Satin Stitch

Nursery Embroidery

Nursery Embroidery Watercolor PaintsDMCLamé Gold FabricStitches Used:Back StitchSatin StitchSeed Stitch French Knots

Tropical Embroidery

Tropical Embroidery Watercolor PaintDMC Floss Stitches Used:Back StitchLaced Back StitchWhipped Back StitchFrench Knots

Fashion Embroidery

Hunger Games Embroidery

Stitches Used Grain Field: WheatTrees: Fishbone, Split, OutlineBushes: French KnotsNightlock: French KnotsWater Lillies: Lazy DaisyRue’s Flowers: Lazy Daisy, Pistil, Long Stem Lazy Daisy, Russian Chain, French KnotsRiver and Ponds: Whipped Running, Threaded BackBow and Arrow: BackCave and Rocks: Blanket ScallopsParachute: Back, SatinFire: OutlineTent: Satin, OutlineTracker Jackers: Lazy Daisy, BackCornucopia: SatinPlatforms: French Knots

Lilly Pulitzer Dishes

Lilly Pulitzer Shadow Boxes

Beach Pillow